Patriots Super Bowl Champs!

As a kid, I grew up playing a lot of videogames with friends. I mainly played Madden, NHL, PGA Tour and Call of Duty, all of which were a lot of fun. I have fond memories of sitting in my friends’ basements and playing these games for hours on end in middle school and high school. Now that I am in college, I spend less time playing video games, but still enjoy them from time to time. Relating all of this back to the article, I’m not really sure whether or not video games improved my short-term memory or long-term focus. I think attention spans have decreased for youth, which is both a positive and negative, and I think videogames are a reason for this. Video games are packed with action, what normally would take hours in real time is condensed into fifteen minutes. Becoming absorbed in a game is really easy, and I’ve had times where I thought only a half an hour had passed and hours were gone.

The conclusion that I draw from this blog and supporting evidence is, like all things, video games are good in moderation. Playing an hour a day, or a few hours a week won’t do any harm, and may even improve memory and make people more likely to be risk-takers. But too much exposure can be negative, as kids don’t spend enough time exercising and playing outside, their social development becomes stunted and lack creativity. I think this philosophy of moderation should be applied to all things, not just video games.


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